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Imovie 09 serious crashing issue - please help!

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Hi There
I am a newbie to digital technology so I hope this makes sense....
I have a major issue with imovie 09... the movie I have been making for the past year which is now 25 minutes long crashed a few times - this happened after I downloaded a nokia phone transfer application to transfer the videos from my phone to the computer. I am not sure if this has anything to do with imovie crashing however, once I removed the videos from iphoto, imovie at least opened up again. Currently I can still play my movie in the viewer in imovie if i hit the spacebar, there are lots of weird speeded up sounds and noise issues but the clips are all there.
The first clip thumbnails are in the left hand viewer along with sound bars and transitions etc... however, i cannot scroll down as the arrow on the scroll bar is missing.
Unfortunately the "My Passport" that I bought to automatically back up the movie doesn't appear to be working either. I didn't know about time machine until yesterday and didn't have it turned on.
A year of my life has been spent on this movie, I have been very naive not to back it up lots of times, I have learnt an important lesson. I really need to rescue this movie..... If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I just spent an hour talking to a mac helpline guy but unfortunately he wasn't able to help.
Thanks in advance...


I've been using FileVault for a long time with no problems whatsoever. As with any software package, there are going to be problems from time to time - that is why you BACK UP any and all important data. FileVault is not intended to back anything up or keep is safe from any failure other than security. FileVault keeps the data from prying eyes - that's all it does. It does it very very nicely in that you can copy the "username.sparseimage" file onto another computer and use the password to open it!
I do not want to see people learning about Macs and FileVault's capabilities to get the wrong impression here. This is a fantastic utility that works wonderfully. If you have data that you cannot afford to lose and do not have it backed up - then that is 100% your fault. If you really needed that data, you would have backed it up on an external drive (copying the sparseimage file) or one of dozens of other methods to keep the data safe. I recommend laptop users to turn on FileVault (remember to set a Master Password!) if they have any sensitive information on their computer - but you have to take responsibility and make sure that data gets backed up. Any protection you take is nullified when a drive fails, or you get a power spike - unless you back up.
Please remember the role each piece of software has and not expect it to do something it was not designed to do.

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