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Imac or emac to choose for next mac

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Hey everyone , I'm going to be looking for a newer mac soon and I have been looking on ebay a lot and cost wise an emac (700-1 ghz ) isn't much more and sometimes the same cost as a imac 500-700mhz) I'm looking and other than the speed differance wich would be a better buy . I love my imac and I don't realy play many games other than what you get on the web , but I see I need something ,more powerful when I watch Utube on my wifes 400 imac and it is seemless but mine choppy also needing DV ports for my camcorder .Need input on anything inherit with the emac I should look out for or would sticking with the trusty imac be better . Thanks


"...kinda like the differance between a 49 Mercury and a 05 Mustang both look stunning in their own way and both will do the same thing only the Mustang will get you their faster but the Mercury get's you their with style."
I like that analogy! Another good reason to keep my Blueberry iMac running, plus it makes a really cool alarm clock. I set the energy saver to turn on when I want to wake up and awake to the "bong".

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