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I have windows 7 and EasyLink wont work neither will

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I have windows 7 and EasyLink wont work. Now I tried the and even that wont work! I have a WRT54GS and I know it works because when I usee the two laptops connected to it, it works perfectly except when too many users get on my wifi connection then it overloads


I'd suggest trying a factory reset, that should clear any password that was set and forgotten, as well as any settings that are preventing you from talking to it (like the router address having been set to something other than
There's usually a recessed reset button on the back that is accessed via an "unrolled" paperclip.  Just press that button and count to about 30, and then wait until the router comes up again and try the address.
If you have a cable modem, then I'd suggest that you write down the MAC address of the primary computer that was used to configure the router, and then try changing the MAC address on the router to that when you get back in touch with it (via the web GUI).  The factory reset may change the router back to it's original MAC address, which may prevent your cable modem from being happy.

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