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I have problems with my 7510 holding a wireless network ip address 192.168 etc It says 169. etc

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My HP Photosmart all in one (which is only a few months old) stopped comunicating with my Netgear DGN1000 Adsl router a few days before Xmas.
Instead of the ip address that it used before I powered off the router, iit came back with an address of; "Configuration source" = "Auto ip"; a subnet mask of; and Default gateway of; I know these are wrong, so I tried a fixed ip address of, a SM of; and a DG of; This was OK, but overnight, it all went back to the auto ip settings.
I eventually managed to contact HP, and the guy spent 75 minutes with me trying to reset things, and eventually he reckoned that the Netgear router was not allowing the printer access via some ports (which he emailed me a list of) and something he said I needed to tell my isp (Virgin media) “FLOOD DETECTION SET TO OFF” & “SP1 FIREWALL SET TO OFF”
On contacting VM, they were insistant that their router was not at fault - they could open the 12 or so ports, at a cost to me of £60! (I declined this)
HP had told me how to set up for Ad Hoc printing (by-passing the router) which had worked during our testing.
VM had been into my settings for the router, via a remote access device, and checked a few settings, but the only one I saw them alter was changing from CH10 to CH11.
I certainly could not get the printer to accept the after this anyway.
Following this, I reset the printers Network Defaults, and reconfigured the wireless settings. It did seem OK, and running on
I have now reset the IP address to Manual on the printer, entering the and; and;
Touch wood it has held up for a few days, but I havn't switched anything off (but overnight before it went awry!)
I'm not convinced I have got a fix here, and would welcome any suggestions as to what I can still do.
Maybe I have already done some, as I have "completely uninstalled, and reinstalled the HP7510 software on my Desktop PC.
Incidently the printer is set up on 3 PC's in the house - a desktop running W7 HP 64 bit, a Notebook (same OS variant) and a Laptop running W7 HP, but 32 bit.
All were unable to print when I was having issues.
I would welcome any suggestions to get a more permanat fix. (I would rather have found a definite fault) I have other routers I could try, or I could open ports, but my question is - If I needed these ports open, and other settings altered (Flood detection etc) why did the printer work for the first few weeks I had it set up, and why did powering off the router cause such issues? (suppose I need to power off the router again in the future - it does happen)
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Hey Dave,
Great post with good information.
As you mentioned, the printer came back with a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx style IP address. This is normally produced when the device is not able to get a complete connection with the router, thus the router gives it a temporary internal IP address.
The normal suggestion when a printer stops maintaining a connection is to set a Static IP. This is done by using the manual IP feature you mentioned using. This locks the device to those network settings and even when the network is restarted the information is retained. This should be the fix to the issue.
Hope this helps.
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I am not an HP employee.

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