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Hyphenation sometimes not working in FM9

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FM9p196, XP SP3
Sometimes words are hyphenated but no hyphen appears. Anyone noticed this?
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Mats, a few more questions for cogitation: <br /><br />Are you working with English only, or other languages? Are all hyphens in the doc missing or just an occasional one while others in the same doc are fine? Can you trace the problem to just one specific paragraph style or type of document or maybe the second hyphen in a paragraph or ...?<br /><br />What fonts? What printer is set as the default? How was the content entered, i.e. directly into FM or was it copy/pasted or imported from other sources?  Was the doc originally created in an earlier FM version or was it created in FM9?<br /><br />What hyphenation settings do you have for the paragraph style? Also, what settings for word spacing?<br /><br />If you save a problem document to MIF, can you find the location of a missing hyphen and see whether there is in fact the MIF code for a hyphen, which would be <br /><br />   <Char SoftHyphen><br /><br />fwiw, I vaguely recall issues with missing hyphens many eons ago, in the mid-90s.

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