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How to view first page of newsletter (Publisher file convert to ?)

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I am using Dreamweaver CS4 on a Mac.  I am trying to post the first page of our newsletter on the page.  See http://indianaeagleforum.org/newsletter.htm  Here it is FrontPage 2002 and the newsletter was done in Publisher 2007.  I am redoing the website in Dreamweaver.  I can save the Publisher file as a .jpg but then the page is too wide.  It saves as 1276 px wide and the web site is 955 px wide.  In FrontPage I can specify the width and still keep the correct aspect ration and it will shrink the page.  What should I do in Dreamweaver?  I can save the Publisher file as a .tif or.png or as .html.  I am afraid the .png file would not print well.  What would you suggest?  Thank you.


Dear Diana,
never quit, please!I quote: ... the file is too big and takes too long to load ...
If you really want to follow our recommendations, there are still plenty of opportunities to "optimize", resize (by using compression techniques), correct, cut, aso. all your images for the web.
Very good "little helpers" you will find in Photoshop, Fireworks, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, MS Photo Editor aso. Perhaps you work with all of them already or you know them at least, so the application should not be a problem.
"Microsoft Office Picture Manager" as an element of "Home and students" I prefer if it's necessary to convert multiple images at once in different sizes.
Phew, a long load time is not a must now, or!?Hans-G.

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