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How to use a structure at run time....

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Hi gurus,
I am confused on how to use the structure in our report..why do we need it...Please help me with that...


Or you could simply use a structure in your program to group like fields together.  So that you could maybe clear them all at one shot.
For example, say that you have a structure with fields a - z.
data: begin of structure,
        fielda type c,
        fieldb type c,
        fieldc type c,
        fieldz type c,
        end of structure.
So in your program, it is now important for you to clear these fields, if you would have defined them one by one without the structure, you would have to list them all in your CLEAR statement, but instead, since you have them in a structure, you can some say....   CLEAR STRUCTURE.
Rich Heilman

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