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How To Uninstall Earlier Versions of Flash Player???

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Can anyone help?!
I recently installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player
V. 10, and the instructions said it would be best to uninstall any
earlier versions of the Player. I have 3 installations of Adobe
Flash Player V. 9, and 1 installation of Macromedia Flash 5.0 on
this computer, and haven't the foggiest notion of how to uninstall
them! They are all located in the Windows i.386 folder which I've
been told is dangerous to play around with. The new installation of
V. 10 went directly to C:\Windows\System32\Macromedia\Flash, which
is right where it should be.
Anyone have a clue as to how to uninstall these earlier
versions and if it's necessary to do so at all?
Also, when running Flash Player V. 10, I've been getting an
error message when on IE 6.0 that says, "it's encountered a problem
with an Add-On' and need to close - The following add-on was
running when this problem occurred: File: Flash10a.ocx - Adobe
Flash Player, Adobe Systems". Does anyone know what could be the
problem with this "add-on", and how to fix it?
Many thanx,
Lida :-)


I have a similar problem with version 9c. It has left an
entry in my registry pointing to a file that was appearantly
uninstalled during an upgrade. The result is an incomplete
uninstall. I think that earlier versions of the program had bugs in
the uninstall or upgrade work that left these nasty messes in our
computers. There is an uninstall program available on the website
for version 9(x) that may work for you. Here is how to get to it:
Go to this page:
Under "Windows 2000/XP/Vista" there is an "Uninstaller"
Click on it and either save it to a download directory and
run the uninstaller from there or,
click the "run" button and run it from the web site (like I
did). In either case this will uninstall the version on your
computer now. In my case it did not clean up the registry issue
though. It did permit me to do a clean installation of the current
version. I hope this helps!!

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