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How to set alignment in a TextField?

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I need to set allignment of the text in a TextField to right. There is no such under TextField.
Anybody knows how to set alignment in a textfield in javaFX 2.0 ?


It may be worth filing a feature request jira to get platform native support for this.
You might think that textField.setStyle("-fx-text-alignment: right;") would work, but it does not.
I guess that the -fx-text-alignment css property only right aligns multi-line text, not text within a text field.
The following code uses binding to keep Text in a TextField right aligned.
The translations place the text visually right and keyboard editing is OK.
Mouse transparency is enabled because mouse based selections still act as though the text is left aligned.
So it's not a complete solution.
public void start(final Stage stage) throws Exception {
  // create a text field.
  final TextField textField = new TextField("This is right aligned text");
  textField.setStyle("-fx-text-alignment: right;");
  // layout the scene.
  final VBox layout = new VBox();
  layout.setStyle("-fx-background-color: cornsilk; -fx-padding: 10; -fx-alignment: center;");
  Scene scene = new Scene(layout);
  // keep the text in the textbox right aligned.
  final Text text = (Text) textField.lookup("Text");
  rightAlign(text, textField);
  textField.textProperty().addListener(new InvalidationListener() {
    @Override public void invalidated(Observable observable) {
      rightAlign(text, textField);
private void rightAlign(Text text, TextField textField) {

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