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How to run downloaded drivers on Fresh Install of Labview 6.1 on a Mac G4 OS 9

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I have just completed a fresh install of Labview 6.1 on an Macintosh G4 running OS9. I can run it and it seems to work just fine. I downloaded some drivers for an oscilloscope (HP 546XX) to run with an HP 54603b. When I installed, I went to open the 'Get Started.VI' I get a freeze and have to force quit out of labview. I am not sure how to resolve this. I am pretty sure that it is independent of the device, since I can open the vi's at least on another computer with no hardware attached. So I guess to boil my situation down. I have 2 questions:
-How do I get a fresh install on a mac G4 OS 9 to run downloaded drivers from the internet
-How do I ensure that I have the hardware configured on
a macintosh to run properly.
I really have little experience with macs so I am not really sure what my options are or what could be the problem so any assistance would be much appreciated.


Hmmm. I wonder if NI-VISA isn't installed correctly on this machine.
When LabVIEW loads a VI that uses a VISA name control on the front panel, it queries VISA for the installed devices. Sometimes this takes a few seconds, but maybe in your case, something has been corrupted and it's hanging.
To try to narrow this down, first run the separate program "VISAConfig". This should list your devices. If this works, this means it's pretty likely that VISA is installed correctly.
Next, run LabVIEW. On an empty front panel, select the "Controls->I/O->VISA Resource Name" and place it on the front panel. When you click on the arrow on this control, you should see a list of your devices. If this works, then that indicates that LabVIEW is successfully talking
to the VISA software.
If both of those succeeded, then we have to take a closer look at this particular instrument driver. Can you drop other VIs (say, Initialize or Close) without hanging?
If either of the first two steps fail, I'd suggest that you reinstall the VISA software. You may want to try the latest version of NI-VISA (from ni.com), but first confirm that it supports LabVIEW 6.1.
I hope this helps.

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