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How to reset and change fonts in email boxes?

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The script/fonts in my email boxes and some folders is unstable:
1. Topic headings in all four boxes only shows the top of letters; the text is unreadable.
2. Newly composed emails are frozen in font size 24; other font sizes are rejected.
3. Incoming email texts, notably mass-distributed communications, often appear in size 24.
I wish to have my old standards re-established: Ariel in font size 12. Thank you for your guidance and directions.


Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems.
*<b>View > Zoom > Reset</b> (Ctrl+0 (zero); Cmd+0 on Mac)
You can see the defaults in a screenshot in this KB article:
* https://support.mozilla.org/kb/Some+text+shows+up+bold+after+upgrade
You can check the font setting in: Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Advanced
Default Font: Times (16)
Fonts for : Western
Proportional: Serif (16)
Serif : Times
Sans-serif : Helvetica
Monospace : Courier New (13)
[X] "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above"

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