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How to read the current selection in a table.

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Hello Experts,
I've this issue with the web dynpro. I have a Adaptive Webservice Model in web dynpro. And I have three tables in the UI. When a row is selected in the first table, the second table is populated with the appropriate data (using a method in the web service.) the same applies to the third table, when the a row is selected in the second table, the third table has to be populated with the appropriate data. The methods in the web service are all working fine. However, in web dynpro, I am not able to figure out on how I read the selected row in a table. Any information on how to resolve this would be really really helpful.
wdContext.currentGetMailElement().setProfileID("-Should be read from the selected row in the table.");


Hi Samuel,
I didnt clearly understood  your problem. When you are selecting a particular row in a table you are executing a web service named Get Mail. Are you passing any input parameter(any selected row data)  while executing a web service. And when you get the response node where you have a attribute in the node getmail. Am I right.
If this is the case, then first check if the GetMail node is present or not by comparing it will null or checking its size. If the node is null then you will not get attribute as the element itself is null as nothing is retrieved in response. And if the node is not null then the element at 0th position is selected by default. you can retreieve the attribute by directly using the following code
if(wdContext.nodeGetMail() !=null)
    String profileId= wdContext.currentGetMailElement().getProfileID();
Check if this works for you.
Ardhendu Sarkar

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