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How to get called from R3 on a Sales Order creation

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I'm completely new on SAP NetWeaver technology.
My domain is SAP Business One SDK development and .NET Technologies.
What I'm trying to do is some kind of integration between B1 and R3 and for that I need to get called in my .NET application by an event or something similar coming from and R3 system everytime a new Sales Order is created.
Could some of you as NetWeaver experts give me a hint on how to do it? Right now I'm looking at ALE and IDocs but I cannot find a concrete sample of a .NET application. Do you have some useful links to .NET samples?


Use ERP Connect.
Apart from the client functionality that allows function modules or BAPIs to be accessed in
the SAP system, ERP Connect also offers the possibility of easily developing a server
For example, if you have a .net application which adds 2 numbers sent by R/3, you can call that .NET function using ABAP code like this one:
REPORT z_add_test .
DATA result TYPE i.
    number1 = 13
    number2 = 31
    res = result.
WRITE result.
Looks simple, right?
But don't forget that you still have to do something from the .net realm.
Code something like this:
using ERPConnect;
static void Main(string[] args)
  RFCServer s = new RFCServer();
  s.GatewayHost = "ides";
  s.GatewayService = "sapgw13";
  s.ProgramID = "YAHOO";
  s.IncomingCall  += new ERPConnect.RFCServer.OnIncomingCall(s_IncomingCall);
  RFCServerFunction f = s.RegisteredFunctions.Add("Z_ADD");
  Console.Write("Service is ready.");
private static void s_IncomingCall(RFCServer Sender, RFCServerFunction CalledFunction)
  if (CalledFunction.FunctionName=="Z_ADD")
    Int32 i1 = (Int32)CalledFunction.Imports["NUMBER1"].ParamValue;
    Int32 i2 = (Int32)CalledFunction.Imports["NUMBER2"].ParamValue;
    Int32 erg = i1 + i2;
    CalledFunction.Exports["RES"].ParamValue = erg;
    Console.WriteLine("SAP did a call at " + DateTime.Now.ToString());
    throw new Exception("Something bad happened!!!");
That... should be working
Reward points when you find usefull.

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