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How to download a large merged webhelp RH 9.02 to local user's PCs

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We have a large merged WebHelp using RH 9.02 on intranet site and want a way to have field reps download to local PCs. Before it got so large, the tech guys wrote a program to download and update the project to PCs but now it is just to large and timeconsuming for users. Any ideas? I have looked into the e-pub and Air formats but they don't seem to be a solution.


Hi Gigi
I used to have large WebHelp's that presented content that also needed to be downloaded to Field Support Reps' PCs for when they traveled and were unable to reach the intranet.
What I did was to create a CHM version of the content and make it available via a link inside the WebHelp.
Another approach would involve using something like Microsoft SyncToy to copy the WebHelp files from the server to the local PC.
Cheers... Rick
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