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How to do planning

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hi gurus
please help me regarding planning and production hw to configure , and what are the steps required .my client business scenario is<b> variant configuration</b> in <b>make to order</b>  please understand planning flow as given below
>Recieve dispatch plan at the begining of the month>work orders created based on sales order priority recieved during the previous month >release work order to shop floor.
production flow follows:
Generate work order>generate operation process sheeta>draw material and tools from stores for production complete the operation according to OPS>testing
My clients wants when customer given 1000qty order , in that customer needs only 100 qty, rest of 900 qty customer will give permission to produce after some days. pls help me for this how to do the planning.
and also send me any documents you have regarding Variant configuration(MTO) particularily in power managent industry my Email Id is [eMail removed by moderator]
pleas help me you will get reward
with regards
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For variant configuration you have to use KMAT (configurable material type).
Here the planningstrategy to be used is 25 & item category in the sales view is 0002.
You have to create characteristics using t.code CT04, assign to the class (using t.code CL02), Give object dependencies in the characteristics.
Create material master for raw materials. Then create  a super BOM & routing.
Then you have create a configuration profile using t.code CU41. Finally you can check using simulation with t.code cu50. If the results are ok, then you can create sale order & run mrp.
For the particular scenario where you get a purchase order for 1000 nos from the customer, After mrp you will get a planned order for 1000nos. You can then partially conver this for 100 nos into production order. The remaining you can convert once you get the approval from the customer.
Pl. refer to the below thread,
Variant configuration

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