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How to delete an image from bluetooth in Nokia N96...

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I am using Nokia N96. I received some images from a freidn via bluetooth and i have transfered them to my PC. I need to delete the images in my Nokia phone but it seems not working. Please advice me how to delete these images? coz teh Option DELETE is not working here.
 Thanks a lot!


hi El_Loco
I received the images via bluetooth. Then I connect my Nokia N96 to my PC at home. I cut and pasted the images from the mobile folder to my PC. (If I cut and paste, by right the images should have been gone from the mobile phone memory..is that correct?) However, after I disconnect my Nokia from my PC, the images are still in my Inbox folder.
The wierd thing is: The name of teh file is still there, but I cannot open them, and when I tried to delete them, there is a message:                             General: Already in use ! 
So..it looks like because I cut and pasted from my PC, there was some errors in the Nokia phone? The file names are there, but I can no longer open them and nor delete them.

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