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How to create a playlist with podcasts AND music?

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I created a playlist with both podcasts and music in it. The thing is when I try to shuffle it, only music plays. When I start playing podcasts, none of my music plays. How can I make them both play at the same time and shuffle on the same playlist?


In iTunes, you created a playlist (with songs and podcasts), and then synced that playlist to the iPod?  Or you manually created a playlist on the iPod, and manually added songs and podcasts to that playlist?  It needs to be an actual playlist that is on the iPod, not simply songs and podcasts on the iPod.
If you have a playlist on the iPod....  In shuffle mode, only songs play.  Set the iPod to play-in-order (not shuffle).  Then, select the playlist on the iPod (by selecting Music -> Playlists from the Home screen).  With the playlist selected, press Play/Pause.  The playlist plays the song and podcasts in the order shown for that playlist in iTunes.

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