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How to change the Data Base Relation in a universe?

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We are working with BO 6.5a.One universe in connected to a 'DB2/400 (iSeries)'  data base.
All Objects in a universe are related to a defined library like <libraryname>.<tablename>.<fieldname>.
We like to change the libraryname. Is there any chance to do this in the existing universe?
We like to have the same database two times in our System, only the data are different.
The universe of course points to a library (A) and connection is done with ODBC.
Changing ODBC to another library (B) is no problem; and, of course we then can change the tables in the universe manually => a lot of work.
But we like to change the pointer in the universe at once (each object shows to the library (A) and we want them to show at (B)).
The 'refresh structure' - button won't do it.


In the universe you can select all the tables Ctrl-A, right click and rename tables. Remove the reference to the library.

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