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How to bound the reources to a material?

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How to bound the reources to a material?
For example,
Material A -> Route A-> Operation A (ResourceType A) - Operation B (ResourceType B)
Material B -> Route B-> Operation B (ResourceType B) - Operation C (ResourceType C)
It means in Operation B, we needs the resource with resource type B
Resource B1 with ResourceTypeB
Resource B2  with ResourceTypeB
Basically, both Resource B1 and B2 can support Operation B.
Can I config to let
Material A only can choose Resource B1 in Operation B
Material B only can choose Resource B2 in Operation B
To make resource bound to material.


Hi Ivan,
Please consider it as just an idea, because it would be very tricky to configure (see below why) and it may not meet your requirements.
You may try the following solution:
1. Create an optional custom field for the material and indicate resource or resources where the material can only be processed.
2. Implement a PRESTART activity hook CheckResource to verify that the material can be processed on the resource (check the custom field value against resource).
3. Assign activity hook to the PRESTART hook point for every resource where you need this validation.
Why the configuration is tricky?
1. Assume you have materials M1 and M2 set up to be processed only on resource R1 and not R2.
Both resources R1 and R2 have the CheckResource activity hook enabled. The custom field for materials M1 and M2 is set to "R1". In addition both materials can be processed on some other resources R3 and R4. The CheckResource activity hook is not enabled for these resources... yet
2. You've got a request to configure material M1 to be processed on resources R1 and R3, but not R2. You set the custom field for M1 to "R1,R3" and assign the CheckResource activity hook to R3... Guess what? Now you cannot process material M2 on resource R3, because activity hook is enabled but R3 is not set in the custom field for M2.

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