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How to access form objects from different class?

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Hello, I am new to java and i started with netbeans 6 beta,
when i create java form application from template i get 2 classes one ends with APP and one with VIEW,
i put for example jTextField1 with the form designer to the form and i can manipulate it's contents easily from within it's class (let's say it is MyAppView).
How can i access jTextField1 value from different class that i created in the same project?
please help. and sorry for such newbie question.
Thanks Mike


hmm now it says
non static variable jTree1 can not be referenced from static context
My code in ClasWithFormObjects is
public static void setTreeModel (DefaultMutableTreeNode treemodel){
jTree1.setModel(new DefaultTreeModel(treemodel));
and in Class2 it is

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