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How do I program controls for my robot?

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Currently I'm trying to Program a robot to move according to the control of a person using a controller. I am having trouble getting the robot to response to the controller is there any tutorials or help threads out there I can use to help fix my problem.
I have found in labview how to program what each controller input is suppose to tell the robot but when tested the robot doesn't respond. I believe I'm missing code to read the messages from the controller and move the robot accordingly but have been unable to figure out how to input the code required or if that is the true problem.
If anyone can help in some way or another it be much appreciated.
Thank You in advance.


Yes!  The NI Robotics Module is built for this.  LabVIEW is very good at measurement and test-taking, so it makes reading from your sensors much easier and supports all kinds of sensors, including vision systems.  It then streamlines the control process based on the inputs.  Here's a white paper with more in-depth information about what the NI Robotics Module has to offer.
Julian R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

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