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How do I print a spread with multiple page sizes?

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Hello fellow designers!!!!
I'm trying to make a production dummy by printing double sided. My document has an extra fold on the outer edge (see attached image).
I want to print 'D11-D12' as one spread with the reverse side as 'D13-12', so that I can simply fold in the outer edge and spiral bind the spine.
When I input the range 'D11-D12, D13-12' the printer prints 'D11' on one side and 'D12' on the reverse same with 'D13' and '12'.
How do I get this spread happening the way I want? I'd appreciate any help I can get as time is mot my friend on this one!


Sandee, I think you're onto something here. I've managed to separate the spreads from the spine as you suggested, however, I'm still getting the same result. The preview in the print dialogue is exactly what I want, yet the printout itself still print 'D11' on the back of 'D12'. I'm under a mountain of failed printouts! In the end I gave up and just taped the extra fold to the dummy manually.
I'd love to figure this out though for future use, so any more input would be divine!
Thank you so much for helping out!

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