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How do I make your new Apple ID permanent on your iPod Touch 5g???

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So every time I go into my Settings, press on "iTunes & App Store" it's fine and it shows that I'm signed into the new Apple ID that I want. Then I press on "iCloud" and "Game Center" but it has my old Apple ID. When I go into "iCloud" a thing pops up asking me to type in my password but it's asking me to type in my password for my old ID. Every time I press "cancel" it pops up 2 seconds later asking me to type in my password. When I type in my password it pops up every 2 seconds like three more times then tells me that my password must be wrong!!! I need help because my iPod can't function that well!!! I need to make it so my new Apple ID is permanetly in the iPod. I can't look at my storage, go into iCloud in the settings without is asking for my password, I can even update my apps!! So could somebody help me please??? By the way, it's not the password, it's the ID, I need to change the ID from my old one to the one that I want to permanately be in my iPod!!! Thanks!!


Hi bshea,
You need to do the following:
1.     Go to Manage your Apple ID and sign in with your existing Apple ID, then change the ID back to your old one (this is temporary - do NOT verify it, do NOT change the password): Apple - My Apple ID
2.     Go to Settings>iCloud, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Delete to delete the iCloud account. Type in your current password when asked. Follow the prompts to delete the iCloud account
3.     Go back into Manage your Apple ID, and change your ID back to the new one (you may need to verify it again)
4.     Go back into Settings>iCloud and sign on with the new ID
You should be all set,

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