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How do I contact someone about an account issue

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I don't need product support.  I need support with my account.
I received an email stating:
"Recently, there's been activity in your AppIe account that seems unusual compared to your normal account activities. Please log in to AppIe to confirm your identity and update card information. We're concerned that someone is using your AppIe account without your knowledge. Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred from a suspicious location or under circumstances that may be different than usual. "
It tells me click on a link in the email.
I have not changed anything on my account, so if something really changed, there is a problem.
However, I'm reluctant to click on the link, thinking it might be a phishing scheme or cause some problem with my computer.
On the Apple site, I cannot find one link to contact support having to do with problems with an account.
Does anyone know if the email is legit?  If not, who can I inform about this?  If it is legit, how can I contact support without clicking on the link in the email?
II can't even find a community that deals with issues like this o send this to.


this is a phishing attempt - do NOT click on ANYTHING
if you would care to help out Apple's efforts in combating these nefarious creatures, FORWARD the email to [email protected]
for further info, refer to
Phishing & Other Suspicious Emails
Identifying fraudulent "phishing" email - Apple Support
Identifying legitimate emails from the iTunes Store - Apple Support
best regards

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