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How do I can't get Face Time to work on my iMac.

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I have OS X 10.9.4 on my iMac computer. Face Time quit working. Tried to buy the 99 cent app, but was told my computer has a newer version installed. Was told I would have to uninstall what I have and then download the 99 cent app, if I want to change. Looking for answers as to what to do.


When I try to use Face Time, I sign in and click next. I am told about choices to reach me by phone and e-mail. I chose phone and e-mail and click next. This takes me back to sign in. I try clicking on the number I want to call from my contact list and nothing happens. My favorites no longer appear on my screen. Do you have any suggestions? Will be out of town until Sat. and will check back for your help. Many thanks.

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