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How Can I Properly Align Content in a Horizontal Accordion?

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I am having trouble aligning text after rotating the accordion widget horizontally. Everything is properly aligned and sized in the design page, but it becomes jumbled and the content area's width expands when I preview it in any browser. All I have done to the accordion widget after placing it is rotate it 90 degrees, remove all fill and strokes from every state of the accordion itself, and adjust the size the label and content area to my desired width and length. Only the content area has a white fill. "Can Close All" and "Overlap Items Below" are turned on and "Edit Together" is turned off.
Any help or suggestions on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.
How it looks in Muse.
How it looks in the browser.


Have you copied the text and used inside accordion container ? Please try to insert a text frame and then add the entries.
Also the space between line or any margin setup can also cause this.

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