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How can I override pop-up windows for a specific site?

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In Firefox for Mac and Internet Explorer on a PC, you can turn off pop windows, but authorize specific sites to open a pop-up window.  Is there a work around in Safari?  The simple on/off switch (command-shift-k) is not adequate.  I'd like to use just one browser, instead of using one for general surfing, and another for sites I log into that open various pop ups as I navigate. 
Safari is fast, but at a functional cost. 


Adblock keeps popping up as a suspect in Safari crash logs, so I'm a little nervous about it. Glims seems to have a better rep for Safari-friendliness and I believe it offers selective ad blocking:
Glims for Safari | www.MacHangout.com
You can also try the Camino. browser, From the Mozilla crew, it is Mac-only and much leaner and faster than FireFox. The interface is very close to Safari, unlike FireFox's rather Windows-centric approach. You can selectively block or allow both cookies and pop-ups. It's my backup browser and my wife's primary browser.

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