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How can I open multiple email messages with a single click?

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On the Mac mini I use at work, I can select several email messages at a time and open them all up by double-clicking the mouse pointer on any of the selected messages. My MacBook Pro at home seems to lack that functionality, even though both are running the same version of Yosemite. In order to open up multiple messages (each, in its own window) on my MacBook Pro, I need to double-click on each individual message, even though I have multiple messages selected on my MacBook Pro, using Yosemite's Mail app. I assume there is an optional setting that can enable multiple messages to be opened by double-clicking on a single selected message, but I have looked through the Mail app's preferences and I come up empty handed. Can someone please clue me in on how to get this functionality on my MacBook Pro?


There is another similar icon named Bookmarks in the '''Customize''' window which provides the said functionality. You have to add that.

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