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How can I load Numbers 2.3 or iWork from my mac pro to my new Mini??

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Hi guys.  I want to load numbers 2.3 onto my new mac mini running Mavericks. I want 2.3 and 3.0 to run side by side as I have seen others do here.
My Mini has only ever had 3.0.  I copy and pasted iWorks over, however it did not work though comes up with compatibility error.
the app store did allow me to update from this method though.
My mac pro is running 10.6.4 with iWorks 09 running beautifully.
I was told about trying Migration Assistant, did not work either, My ex HDD has TM for both on there and when I open MA it only recognizes and asks about
importing from the mini backup only. It is not reading the mac pro backup.
Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.
I have attempted downloads from net with no avail, I am giving my cc numbers to pple when they say 'I will not charge you'....
one download was an issue because osx no longer supports ppc power pc games - claytons hard drives on computer.
Thanks and enjoy.
I see my other question on moving tables between sheets is stumping ppl, a few views no responses,  Is it POSSIBLE???
Jason.  Dream Big and achieve everyone.


Not sure it will work - it might have to do with the licensing requirements; any app downloaded through the app store can be run on as many Macs as you own and control. However, yours is still the old version of  iWork which has an older, separate agreement. Applicable excerpt here:
Entire SLA here:

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