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Help viewing shared calendars on my iPhone?

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I've seen this same issue in a couple forums but haven't seen a solution yet. Maybe I'm just missing something. I am running outlook 2007, exchange 2003. All of my appointments in my calendar sync nicely between outlook and iphone but we have a shared calendar that doesn't show up in my phone. I keep missing meetings and appointments that are set up for me because I can't view the calendar. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?


If I read correctly, the iPhone won't sync multiple Exchange calendars, since you can only have 1 Exchange account at a time configured on the iPhone. However, it looks like with OS 3+, you can access a shared calendar using CalDAV or .ics. I have not tried it, so I don't know if it will work with Exchange. On the phone: Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendar->Add Account->Other->Calendar: Add Subscribed Calendar or Add CalDAV Account.. Let us know if it works!

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