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Help - Nokia N96 Problems

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I hope someone can help me out here.
I have had the Nokia N96 as part of an 18 month contract on O2 UK since April and ever since i've had the phone, I've had nothing but problems with it and i'm really am up to the point where I'm so fed up with it, I'm taking my other phone on PAYG with me everywhere I go.
I find the N96 is extremely slow at loading up messages, it's sometimes slow at keeping up with your texting, it has 3 times this year deleted every message in inbox, drafts & sent after the phone has been switched off. It's also restarted itself on a number of occassions.
Today, my phone went flat because I hadn't charged it up and so when I got home, I put it on charge and turned the phone on so I could check my messages. The annoying thing is, the home screen wouldn't load up the icons or the text for 'Messaging' and 'BBC iPlayer' so I went to the menu (as you would) and selected 'Messaging'.
"Messaging: Already in use" is the error I get. Clearly, it's not in use, so I took the phone off charge, removed battery etc etc. Still same problem, done a firmware update, still same problem, reset the phone, still the same problem.
I can not find a solution for this, really in a foul mood because of this as I am unable to send messages or view messages on my phone. 
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have you the correct message centre number
try the following codes then try update firmware
rad 24 for cred on the codes
With all these operations I recommend you TAKE OUT MEMORY CARD and DO A BACK UP OF YOUR STUFF!!!
NOTE: In front of the hash key ( #) there is also a STAR key that people often miss and state that the code does not work.
1.. *#7780# - Restore factory settings - resets all the settings to the default ( you will not lose any data) Make sure you back up your data as you will lose all of it when you perform option 2 or 3 on this list. The default code for ALL operations listed here is 12345.
2.*#7370# - Reformat your phone (out of the box, tho keep in mind that most newer nokia phones at least n series, e series and s60 based phones have udp - user data preservation so not ALL data may be lost. still it is a good idea to always do a back up of your stuff.)3. This you perform as a last resort. Nothing else is working.If the phone is not showing any activity, proceed with hard formatting , turn off your phone, hold the following buttons while pressing the power button. (the default code is 12345)
3. hard reset - hold the following buttons * (star key), 3 (number button) and talk/green key. turn on the phone and do not release those buttons until you see the Nokia boot up screen. once you feel the phone power up you can let go off the power button while still holding all three buttons ( for Nokia 5800XM - use the following buttons to do a hard reset, /GREEN/RED/CAMERA keys pressed all at once on power up. this will only work on 5800's that have firmware version 20... and up. ) For Nokia N97 (unofficial version but works) is SHIFT /SPACE BAR / BACKSPACE while holding the power button. Again do not let go until you see the handshake screen.
If these codes are not working the only thing for you to do is contact your Nokia Care Center/Service for assistance.
If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
Now using the Lumia 1520

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