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Help! iMovie deleted many clips during a "split event" procedure.

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Please help. I realized that my 2004 "event" had far too many clips in it and decided to split the event. (Trying to remedy a poor organizational system). The split appeared to work fine, creating a new event 2004 1 that I assumed had my clips in it. They weren't there, or in the original event. Worse, other clips from that event were also missing. I have restarted the computer, still not there. And yes, I did check to be sure I was viewing ALL clips, not just favorites etc.
I do have a backup, but after much reorganizing it is just about impossible for me to figure out which clips disappeared. I had just this week given up on using iPhoto for my old 1000+ 30 second clips from my digital camera and had imported them directly into iMovie. I had also just imported all my old video footage from my nonHD camera. And of course, I hadn't re-backed up yet, but I had deleted them from iPhoto. (Was going to backup tonight to my new drive I bought for that purpose...)
Any suggestions?


Thank you. I tried that and the actual folders match what shows in iMovie. I'm backing up now, but when I'm done I'll just reimport from my older backup and tapes and try to figure out what's missing.
What I'm really concerned about, is does iMovie just arbitrarily make things disappear often? How do I know there aren't other things from other events that are missing? Obviously right now I can do a file count, but once I actually start working with the clips and deleting the bad ones etc. how can I know if things are suddenly missing? (I have over a thousand clips so it isn't obvious.) These are baby clips which are precious to me...
In case it matters, just had my mac in for full diagnostic and it's fine. The hard drive is new and tests fine. Permissions on my C drive HAVE been being corrupted during file imports from my old Sony digital8, possibly that caused the original problem? I will be sure to check permissions before opening iMovie from now on.

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