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Headphones for Small Ears?

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Hi ~ The Earbuds that came with my new Shuffle just won't stay in my ears, even sitting perfectly still. I got the Griffin Earjam Earbuds - even the smallest size is too big for my ears...
I need to find something that will fit really small ears - plus, I would like to find a pair of noise cancelling headphones that I can wear while on the tractor...
I wear sunglasses, so the over-the-ear types probably won't work? Any suggestions?


I bought some Sony MDR-EX71 earphones and they are great. They come with three sizes of rubber buds - small, medium and large. The apple ones are just a tad too large for my ears, but the medium sized buds fit perfectly. The small ones are probably the right size for children's ears and the large ones are probably the right size for someone who fits the apple ones perfectly. They are in-ear so the isolation is great and they are very comfortable.
In addition, the EX71s are white so they match my iPod! You can only get the white ones in the shops in Japan, but if you are elsewhere, you can buy them from audiocubes.com. (the black ones are easily available worldwide however).
Can't recommend audiocubes highly enough - Great service, pretty fast delivery to me in the uk. Can't remember the price, but it was very reasonable and the sound quality is miles ahead of the tinny apple supplied ones.

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