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Have to click multiple times to select in sync window

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I am having a problem syncing my devices (iphone 4, ipod nano 6th).  In iTunes when I go to the sync screen for either device and I click on the artists they do not get a check mark next to them.  If I click multiple times (some times as many as 6 or 7) then eventually, I get a check mark and they sync.  I have this problem with Artists, playlists, genres.  I do not have this problem with albums.
How can I correct this?
Also, for my iphone it is trying to sync a playlist which I no longer have on my computer.  In some file the data to sync is corrupt.
Thanks for your help.


My first thought is that the trackpad needs to be adjusted or that it needs to be replaced. Adjustment can be done quickly at the genius bar, replacement takes a couple days. Open System Preferences and select the trackpad. The first option you see should be 'tap to click' which will let you simply tab the trackpad to simulate a click. If that works you can be pretty certain it is mechanical and requires a trip to an Apple store.

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