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Grouping Search Results by Parent Folder

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I am sure someone has come across this before. I would like to display search results grouped by Parent Folder. So all documents in FolderA would be grouped together and all documents in FolderB would be until a FolderB heading..


Hi Craig,
>> It is a performance issue if you don't have the right hardware ;>
not all customers of SAP have the right hardware...
So far there is no easy grouping possibilty. If there would be grouping, grouping for folders would be the first.
As a workaround (and in case you really have the right hardware) you might think of placing several search iViews that execute 'Search from here' in dedicated folder branches.
>>I know that other search engines can do it.
Some do, but eg Google don't...
It's also a matter of availble meta information. At many scenarios there are not to many of them.
Anyhow in near future SAP will offer UI elements for effective filtering on meta information.
But that's not grouping!
Regards Matthias
PS: Though the answer is negative, please think of rewarding. This motivates further answers.

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