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Graph in iPhone 'Stocks' application

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I want to add a graph in my app, same as in the Stocks application in the iPhone.
Does anybody have any idea how I can implement one.... ?


Both the OP and I are obviously new to all this and I personally have spent days reading documentation on other topics just getting myself up to speed to where I am now.
I don't think you can blame us for looking for a 'quick solution' before delving into yet more documentation...a working example is easier to understand than self-referencing documentation any day.
But that being said, I appreciate that the documentation is pretty exhaustive and will provide the information we need.
From my own view point, I'm aware that as someone else stated on another thread, there will soon be a lot more developers all trying to get in on the opportunities of the AppStore and I feel pressured at the moment to get my app to market as quickly as possible which isn't helping.

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