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GR and IR exchange rate

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In my PO. the exchange rate, say, 7.80188 and there is no tick of exch rate fixed in PO header.
During GR, another exchange rate, say, 7.90000.
During IR, despite different translation date, but why exchange rate still the same as per GR which is 7.90000?
May I know if GR and IR would be using the GR exchange rate so that GR and IR can be cleared completely?


If Exchange rate fix indicator is not set in the PO then at the time of GR the exchnage rate will be pick up from the value which is maitain in OB08 transaction, as there is difference in exchange rate in PO and GR but GR na d IR exchange rate is same this may be you have done GR and IR in the same period for which the exchange rate is same check with OB08 along with the validity period, also user cam manully put the exchange rate in MIRO check that too.
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