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Goto Responsiblity Page without Username/Password !!

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Hi all,
In, Is it possible to go to the Responsibility page without issuing the username and password?
In 10g Application server we are able to do this by adding the following line in
formsweb.cfg under ORACLE_HOME/forms90/server:
userid= test/[email protected]_name
After saving this file we restart the forms service.
see the url below:
url : http://host-name.domain-name/forms90/f90servlet?config=[example]&form=<location_of_main_form>.fmx
Now we are able to access the forms and it wont ask for username/password.
Is it poosible to do the same in ?


There is no supported way to pass the application username/password and skip the main login page. You can pass the username only in the application URL by adding "username=<username>" to the application URL.
What is the point of accessing the responsibility page without entering the username/password?

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