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Google maps have been replaced by swinging sign

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I now have a swinging sign that says "Mobie Me Closed" where my Google Maps used to be.  Efforts to reset them have resulted in the same sign showing up.  I realize that IWeb did not migrate to the cloud, but this is rediculous.  I can put other Google apps on from the Widgets collection, but not maps.  What is going on and how do I correct this?


All you do is go to Google maps and get the map you want and then you need to embed it into your website.  Just copy the resultant html code and then paste this in to an ordinary html snippet and click on Apply and you will get your map back.
The Google map widget does not work because some of the info was stored on MobileMe which does not exist any longer, so the map widget does not work, but the solution is simple.
Perhaps you should have searched this form first and you would have found the answer to this several times over if you had.

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