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Fusion VM (Windows) won't start after migration to new Mac

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I just bought a new MacBook Pro, onto which I have migrated my old Mac.  I had Windows 7 installed as a VM on the old Mac, but when I try to start it on the new machine I get no response. Fusion starts and I see the black screen with the "PLAY" icon, but clicking on it does nothing.
Is this due to a change in my system's environmental variables? I know, for instance, that the name of the partition on the new MacBook is different to the name on the old Mac.  Where/how would I correct for this on the Mac or in Fusion?
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Windows in VM is going to know it's on a different machine, so you'll still have to hop through Microsoft's hoops or you won't get updates.
Just an FYI: when moving a Fusion virtual machine, the first time you run the virtual machine, you are prompted if you "moved it" or "copied it".  Selecting "moved it" will retain the UUID and prevent Windows from prompting for reactivation.  (However, if it is a copy of the virtual machine and you wanted to run both copies simultaneously on the same network, you must select "copied it" otherwise the copies can't run at the same time.)
If one did select "copied it" accidentally, then just follow the reactivation prompts.  As long as you're not reactivating a lot then it usually will work the normal way over the internet.  Even if you're forced to call, just tell the support rep that you're reinstalling Windows and type in the really long code that they say.  The few times I've had to call, it was less than 15 minutes.  Again, as long as you're not reactivating a lot (so looking suspiciously like a pirate,) reactivation is a pain, but relatively quick.

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