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Font issue in Indesign CS2

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Hi. I just received a new computer and although I have not had any issues with the Palatino Adobe font in the past, for some reason it no longer displays properly (pinked out).  I have uninstalled the font through Adobe Type manager, checked my PS Font folder to make sure there are no Palatino fonts (either True Type, Open Type or Adobe) left in that folder and then reinstalled the font. I then rebooted my computer and although I went through these steps and the only Palatino font on my computer now is an Adobe one, In Design still cannot read the font. I then opened up MS Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator to see if I could access the Palatino font, and I had no issues at all. It seems it's only the In Design program that has an issue reading the font.
Any suggestions at all would be most welcomed because this is the main font that our company uses and my job depends on it.


I had similar issue with Helvetica Medium and Bold fonts. All other variants of Helvetica were displayed nicely in Indesign CS2, but those two were missing. Indesign CS3 was able to display all the fonts correctly. I tried deleting the AdobeFntXX.lst files and uninstalling fonts, copying into different directories, but nothing helped with CS2. Finally I started tweaking the AdobeFntXX.lst file under Fonts folder in the Indesign CS2 installation directoty and got the Medium and Bold fonts working.
Here's what I did:
1. Removed problematic fonts from ATM and Windows fonts folder
2. Copied fonts into Fonts folder under CS2 installation directory
3. Deleted AdobeFntXX.lst file under Fonts directory
4. Started InDesign CS2, so new AdobeFntXX.lst file were generated
5. Edited the AdobeFntlstXX.lst file as follows:
For Helvetica bold font I replaced dash in the font name with whitespace:
FontName:Helvetica-Bold   ->   FontName:Helvetica Bold
For Helvetica Medium font I added text "Medium" to the font name:
FontName:Helvetica   ->   FontName:Helvetica Medium
After these changes InDesign CS2 started to display both fonts. I guess it has something to do with font familynames or something like that.
I know this is not exactly same case as yours, but hopefully it can help you to find the resolution.

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