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Flash to HTML Communication

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Hi everyone.
I’m helping develop in Flash CS3 an online soft skills
training that involves students viewing a short video than
answering a multiple choice question. After viewing several videos
and answering the related questions the student is given on
overview of how they did in a test summary page.
Plan is to have each video and questions in a single Flash
file embedded in an html file. The end test summary page will be
delivered in html.
What I’d like to know is how can I get the flash
video/question pages to communicate the test results to the end
summary page.
I’m not much good at actionscripting, therefore any
help would be much appreciated.
Also, is there anyway of converting a swf file back to a
flash file, (fla)?


you'll need to create a dynamic html page if you're
presenting a page that will use data from flash in its display.
flash can't do that.
flash can communicate with server-side programs that can
create your html page.
converting swfs to flas can be done by de-compiling the swfs.
there are several commercial decompilers. i don't know if any of
them can handle as3, though.

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