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Flash content makes Firefox to freeze/crash

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Hi Team,
I have posted my problem a few days ago as a comment (an answer) to the "flash plugin" post from "cj_gadget". But I have got no answer, probably because the "flash plugin" post was labelled as "solved".
So I now post my problem as a new question, and since I have a Macintosh configuration while "cj_gadget" (and many others) was using a Windows PC, the solution may be different!
After a long period without using it, my iMac (running with Mac OS X 10.6.8) has been recently updated with the most recent versions of Firefox (25.0) and Flash Player & Plugin (11.9.900.117). The result is that Firefox crashes (freezes) on every page with Flash content. For other reasons, I have to stay with Mac OS 10.6.8 without upgrading to more recent OS versions. I have looked through Firefox and Adobe Flash Player help pages, as well as through many posts on this forum without finding an effective solution.
Following some of these posts, I have unchecked (in Firefox > Preferences > Advanced) the use of hardware graphic accelerator. Many posts advise to do the same for Flash Player with a right click on the video frame, but this is NOT possible since Firefox freezes immediately as all Flash video start automatically when the page is loaded.
I have also checked that a HTML5 video displays correctly as for : "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTl3U6aSd2w&html5=True" while "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTl3U6aSd2w" stucks Firefox. This Firefox freezing problem is general for all pages with Flash content (that is for a large fraction of the Web!) and NOT limited to Youtube which was just used here as an example.
Some more information : RealPlayer was not present on this computer when the problem appeared. If I disable the Flash pluging in Firefox, it does nor freeze, but of course does not display the video. Safari (version 5.1.10 - ok for Apple software update) works fine with Flash content.
I have sent many hours on this problem without progress and would strongly appreciate any help or even better a solution !


Hi, jpdemers , and thanks for your advices.
I have been travelling for some time and was not in position to make any new test for about two weeks (the affected machine is an iMac at home).
Today I have uninstalled Firefox using AppCleaner, as well as Flash Player using Adobe uninstall_flash_player_osx.dmg ; and I have then installed both of them from scratch.
Unfortunately the problem is still there :-(
I just notice that I forgot to reboot the iMac (twice) as you said. I believe it may not be so important, but I will repeat the cycle with the reboots included (early next year now !).
I will keep you updated on the issue, and I hope I will not have to reinstall the system. I have the install discs, but this may be an heavy burden...
In the meanwhile, I wish you an happy new year !

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