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Flash ad not working in MACS...

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Hi. I created a banner ad in flash. I followed the
instructions to make a button in the tutorial. For one layer I
created an invisible button, etc. Then on another layer I added a
keyframe at the very beginning and entered this actionscript:
inv_btn.onRelease = function(){
http://www.myurl.com", "_top");
The layer with the button I named "inv_btn" The ad works fine
to me and when clicked goes to My Url. However, the website I
submitted it to told me that people with macs weren't able to click
it and it wasn't working for mac users.
Any ideas on this?


> Closer, but still a problem - the ads are opening up
inside the ad window,
> instead of the whole browser - so all you get is the top
corner of their
> site, instead of the whole thing. They need to have the
target frame for the
> link be a target="_top" call. Let's try one more time...
this makes no sens, sorry. I'm not working on the project so
my understating
is not as clear as yours - party directly involved.
You should not be using _top in the first place if you target
They should be using unique frame names and ask you to
utilize these names
instead. That is the way to go.
Using all these reserved words _frame _top etc... is very
risky. Each browser
react differently to it content, especially Mac browsers
which are like the
ticking time bombs.
give the frame a name "MacFramesSuck" and use it from flash
using the window
getURL("page.html", "MacFramesSuck");
> So, I changed it to "_top" as they said and then they
replied with this:
> Well, it seems like there's still a problem with their
flash ads - it
> seems that the link doesn't work for everybody - when
someone with a Mac
> tries to click on the ad, nothing happens. I have no
idea why this is
> happening, so for now we've rolled back to the gif ads
that they had before.
> Thanks for any help you can give!
What is the URL with this problematic content ?
Best Regards
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