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Firefox hangs on the default Start Page

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I'm having a rather odd problem where Firefox hangs for about ten seconds while loading the default home page. It has worked just fine for years, and then suddenly yesterday every time I open a new tab or start Firefox (basically anything that would take me to the start page,) I get a 10-15 second hang.
I've confirmed this by changing the homepage to the old "http://www.google.com/firefox" which completely fixes the issue. No other pages do it, only the start page.
I've tried safe mode, but I knew it wouldn't yield any results as I've not changed configuration in any way for years.
I've tried updating to the most recent version of Firefox, this also had no effect.
I tried backing up my profile and resetting Firefox, of course still no effect.
Finally I tried completely uninstalling all Mozilla products, then sweeping the registry for any of their keys, then reinstalling it all. Still hangs on the start page.
So that this point I just restored my backed up profiles, scratched my head and came here.
The obvious solution would be to change homepage, but I can't let it beat me. =P
Anyone have any ideas? I'm pretty stumped at this point.


-Pokes up- I did, and its reply is simply 0 then does nothing.
My firefox version is also not old, I just downloaded a new instillation trying to fix this.

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