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Fill in form using XML data source usable in Reader

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I have a simple example of a scenario we need to solve. Different branches will fill out a form (designed in LiveCycle 8) and by entering their branch number static information will be filled in. I want to store the static infomation for all branches in an XML sheet that will be stored on a shared folder on the intranet.
The problem I have is getting the script to run in Reader. In preview in the Designer and using the import data function of Acrobat Pro it works fine. I think I am missing the script to import the data to work in Reader. I have not been able to find anything in the documentation to point me in the right direction. I have also had a case open with Adobe support for 2 months.
Any help would be appreciated.
Below is the script in the exit event of the Text field BranchNumber:
----- BranchInfo.#subform[0].BranchNumber::exit: - (FormCalc, client) ------------------------------
var BList = ref(record.Branches)
for j=0 upto (BList.nodes.length -1) do
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Ph") = BList.nodes.item(2).name
if (BList.nodes.item(j).BranchCode.value == $) then
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Full_Company_Address") = BList.nodes.item(j).Full_Address.value
var List = ref(BList.nodes.item(j).SPCS)
if (List.nodes.length == 1) then
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Party_Code") = BList.nodes.item(j).SPCS.SPC.value
elseif (List.nodes.length > 1) then
for i=0 upto List.nodes.length -1 do
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Ph") = BList.nodes.item(j).PH.value
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Fax") = BList.nodes.item(j).FAX.value
xfa.resolveNode("BranchInfo.#subform[0].Member") = BList.nodes.item(j).Member.value
Below is the xml data file for this test:
<Full_Address>123 First RD #02 BOX 2222, DARTMOUTH, NS, B7W 1X9</Full_Address>
<Full_Address>BOX 55 Second ROAD PLAZA, ST JOHN'S, NL, A9N 1X1</Full_Address>
<Full_Address>333A Third ST, ST STEPHEN, NB, E9A 2Z3</Full_Address>


Hi Jeroen,
to have a user fill in, you first need to create a Web Dynpro application providing the offline form, e.g. through a download - tutorial at http://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/downloaditem?rid=/library/uuid/2dd3dbcd-0401-0010-55b8-b10808ff688e - or an e-mail - tutorial at http://sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/downloaditem?rid=/library/uuid/b040e6cd-0401-0010-268d-f67cf4904358
On the return trip, the user-entered data is stored in the SAP backend via the Web Dynpro context. (You do not store the raw XML, the data is back-converted by ADS to Java.)
In the fourth step, you will have to provide a Web Dynpro
application with an online form, which can be part of the same project, but basically generates the form again for completion.
If you want to use the same form that was submitted, you have to have your app store the submitted PDF (do not submit only the XML) in the backend (through the WD context), and then call that one up in the online scenario.

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