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Hello Experts,
I installed fresh copy of yosemite, and after the installation I  have changed the default app for files but the thumbnail of the old app sticked on the files, so how i can make the new app appear on thumbnail?
I know the procedure of using ctrl + I on the files and change the icon, but i want to do it for all files of the same extensions at once.
Thx for your help.


All I can recommend for CM purposes is what was done at a previous job of mine.
1. First you need to keep all of the installed Oracle products to include all patches you installed. Our CMs made an Oracle_817 staging area and had sub-directories for the install CD and all patches. An ls might look like this:
Patch_1327654NOTE: The patch numbers are made up and for an example only.
2. If you have a create_db script, you will need to place that in CM. I don't have access to a unix system right now, do a find for create and you should be able to locate the scritp
3. I would put tnsnames.ora into CM as well. It can be in two places /$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin or /etc
4. I would put listener.ora file into CM. It is usually found in /$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
5. I would put the init<SIS>.ora file into CM. It should be in /$ORACLE_HOME/dbs
6. Finally, search /etc for all files owned by Oracle and place them into CM
These are all of the files I can think of. If anyone else knows of other files, please feel free to add them.
If you are placing these items into CM to help build another DB at a later time, the service name for the new DB should be changed. If you are doing this as a means of recovery, I can tell you from experience that this will take hours to days to recover the database. Get with the sysadmin and make sure you have a good backup and recovery plan and that it works.

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