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File in appending mode

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hi all
when i try to write to a file i just have the last line added and the pervoiuse ones are overwritten
how can i keep everything added to the file appear??
what is the appending mode for the file to keep accumelating things rather than overwrite them??


ok here you are
     PrintWriter outT=
                    new PrintWriter(     
                      new BufferedWriter(
                              new OutputStreamWriter(
                                      new FileOutputStream("D:/eng.txt"),
                                      enc)) );
//These   appending mode
           outT = new PrintWriter(     
                      new BufferedWriter(
                              new OutputStreamWriter(
                                      new FileOutputStream("D:/eng.txt",true),
                                      enc)) );maybe the problem is with the menu?? cos each time i use getSelectedText() and then i add the selected text to the file and after another select also i want to keep it in the same file
so select add then select add and so on but each time i just have the last choosen text
what is your suggestion now????

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