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External and Macbook display

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I have a 15" MacBook Pro and a 22" Samsung LCD Display. Can I use both the MacBook's display and the Samsung display at the same time but not have it be a mirror image? I would like to have, for example, iTunes open on the MacBook's display and Safari open on the Samsung display. I'm pretty sure that makes sense.
MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  


Can I clarify? So what you are looking for is basicly if you were to place the monitors next to each other you would basicly want one big monitor. Having your dock on one monitor but able to drag program windows over to one monitor? IF that is your question yes you can. If you connect your monitor you will be abel to go into the Display settings and determine which monitor is to the right of which or to the left of which does that make sense?

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