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Everything was working fine...any ideas?

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Couple years of no problems with Extreme 802.11n. Then over period of a few minutes, signal strength started decreasing. I'm now 1 foot away from the base station and according to AP Grapher, I've got :
Signal Strength 65
Noise 0
% Available 100
This was after totally being disconnected and doing a full factory reset and everything to get back up and running.
With my wife's (same model 15" PowerBook 10.4.11) sitting next to mine, 1 foot away from base station, it doesn't even detect the base station. No devices found.
Additionally, not a thing has changed to cause this. No up dates to anything, nothing to interfere with signal.
Any ideas much appriciated.


Have you tried a different broadcast channel? Any chance a neighbor has installed something that is causing interference?

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